The Fresno Soaring Society will host 1 major Sailplane contests this  year. The Fresno Classic will be held April  1st 2nd and 3rd 2016.  

The 1st will be an ALES contest in the afternoon with the contest starting at noon or 1 pm.  The details have not been finalized.  The

Classic will be held on Saturday and Sunday. 

CD for the upcoming events is:

Charley Thompson


ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE AT Go to contest page and chose on line registration.

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Well we had a good contest weekend and the winds and weather helped our club put on a great contest.  We had 20 pilots competing in 25 flights per round.  We had great volunteer club members to help and we were able to successfully hold the event and put a little money in our bank account.  See you out at the field for some club flying.